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Due Diligence - Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

Contact Savannah Environmental Consulting for property transfer Environmental Site Assessment  (ESA) Phase 1 reports.     SEC can handle multi-site assessments on acquisitions.


What liability are you buying with property? Are you aware of the all appropriate inquiries (AAI) rule effective November 1, 2006?

 check link Enforcement information

List of federal EPA non-compliance headlines from 2002 to 2015

Final Rule to Amend Compliance Dates for SPCC Rule - January 2009











Photo shows operations at typical bulk chemical storage and transfer facility. Evidence of visible releases present environmental concerns.

Getting ready to sell your industrial or commercial property?

  • Are waste sumps meeting integrity requirements?

  • Are sump drains accounted for?

  • Is sump wastewater and solid residue managed and disposed properly?

Photos of simple to complex sites. (Top two show environmental concerns from former filling station with underground storage tanks (USTs).)






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