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Hazardous Waste Services

Savannah Environmental Consulting (SEC) offers full RCRA hazardous waste consulting service.  Some of these services include compliance audits, waste evaluation and disposal guidance, regulatory interpretation, agency negotiation, comment development on proposed federal and state regulations, to annual hazardous waste training on your plant or site.    SEC offers an 8-hour hazardous waste training class, which can be customized to your specific industry or operation. A certificate of training will be provided to meet your RCRA hazardous waste training requirements under 40 CFR 262.34 and 265.16. RCRA hazardous waste training programs are available per request and may be customized for your site.

If you just need another opinion on this complex program, or need an experienced hazardous waste expert for a temporary basis to get you through a rough time; SEC can help.

Do your waste management practices need review?  Than contact us.

Will your waste management practices pass state or federal inspection? 

Need a third party objective review or feed back for "peace of mind", than contact us. For a small charge we can provide confidential comments and recommendations for your situation.

Need a hazardous waste audit?

Do you need help with waste identification?

Off-spec chemical or waste disposal guidance?

Check enforcement link for companies with hazardous waste problems


SEC can perform a pre-screening audit to identify potential issues, avoid negative publicity, and costly legal costs and fines.

Contact us for help on RCRA, CERCLA, TSCA, and other regulatory areas. For a small fee we can help you get the answers for your questions or resolve your issues. Need some research on a difficult situation, than contact Savannah Environmental Consulting.


Savannah Environmental Consulting can assist client with non-compliance issues, which requires notification to the federal EPA or State agencies. SEC will formulate and prepare needed documentation for submission to EPA under the EPA Audit Disclosure Policy. Successful third party audit and implementation of documentation requirements has very strong possibility of 100% penalty waiver under the policy.  SEC recent activity under the TSCA program was instrumental in 100% waiver of a potential penalty for one client of $112,000. SEC has worked with other clients on audit disclosures with potential penalties significantly higher.  (Specific client's situation would need to meet the nine EPA disclosure policy conditions.)

  • Are you concerned with off-site liability?

  • You should be!

  • SEC can help you minimize your company's liability to the maximum extent possible.

  • Do you want to keep a low profile?

  • Are you concerned that an agency regulator may identify non-compliance?

Bulging hazardous waste drum

Fines can go up to $37,500 per violation per day.  Note: EPA's has increased penalty to $37,500.

Franklin Foundry and Company President Pleaded Guilty to Illegally Storing Hazardous Waste

More information and guidance on solid and RCRA hazardous waste - check out the RCRA page and aerosol page and the References page.

SEC can help a generator determine if may be subject to the land disposal restrictions (LDR) one-time-notice to the file requirement 268.7 (a)(7).

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