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Aerosol spray can use is extensive.
  • Where do aerosol cans go, when not functioning or empty?
  • How are aerosol cans managed by the generator?
  • Need help in the proper management of aerosol cans?
  • Useful environmental document from Nebraska, which provides general and specific waste management guidance on aerosol can wastes. aerosol NB 03-067.pdf
  • Check your state for requirements for proper management and disposal of aerosol cans.

This topic illustrates how simple and apparently non-threatening areas can easily expose a company to non-compliance. A vast number of areas in the hazardous waste management arena can be a stumbling block to being in compliance.

Savannah Environmental Consulting can help you avoid these regulatory compliance pitfalls. Check out enforcement page for typical environmental violations.



Dumpster disposal of aerosol cans is not in compliance. (with a few exceptions)

An aerosol can must be decharacterized prior to disposal. Further a generator may be subject to the land disposal restrictions (LDR) one-time-notice to the file requirement 268.7 (a)(7).

Full, partially full, or "empty" cans provide unique issues on their  management, handling and disposal.

SEC can guide you with compliance in this area and evaluate other options for your business.

Below is an excerpt from a book by Norman H Wright, that I thought was interesting to share regarding aerosol cans and illustrates their potential for damage. He says:

"One author describes it well:

I will never forget the time my dad left a can of aerosol spray in the back window of the family car while he was playing golf. The sun pounded on the window for a couple hours and then the can detonated, shattering the windows and slicing a hole in the steel roof of the car. The force was unimaginable"

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